A Designer's Guide to
Interacting With Developers

What My Peers Say...

"He is a quick study and is able to pick up concepts really fast. He also took a keen interest in understanding the buyer and customer persona. Allen consistently took initiative to bring forth new concepts to light and effectively participated in design reviews with the rest of the team."

Amit Malhota
CTO at Duly, Inc.

"As our only designer, Allen carried a lot of weight on his shoulders. Not only did he handle the responsibility with grace, but he was constantly taking opportunities to contribute his ideas while simultaneously encouraging his fellow team members. I was able to learn a lot from him personally, and was constantly amazed by how he would selflessly volunteer his time and efforts to help a coworker in need."

Fergus Maher
Lead Android Engineer at MassRoots, Inc.

"Allen is an extremely talented UX Designer. He has a fantastic combination of good taste, an eye for usability, and technical appreciation for both web and native mobile experiences. He is an invaluable asset for any company looking to make their software better looking and easier to use."

Walker Fenton
SVP of Product at TrackVia, Inc.